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Chapter 17 – You Are An Angel

As I woke this morning, I fell back to sleep and either had this vision or dream:

I recall being at a party with lots of people.  I don’t recall knowing anyone there. Everyone was having a good time, laughing, talking, drinking.  

I remember opening the door to the basement and walking down with someone, a man, but I don’t know who it was.  It was an unfinished basement with nothing but its four bare walls staring back at me.  On one of the walls was a box similar to what an electrical box would be.  I couldn’t reach it and remember being on a ladder to get to it.  I opened it up and saw what appeared to be an old, dirty light bulb with something inside of it crawling around. Being that it was dirty, it was difficult to see what was in it. I didn’t want to pursue it but was somehow drawn to pick it up and see what it was that was inside.  Still couldn’t tell.  Then I noticed that it was moving to an opening in the light bulb and it was making its way out of the light bulb.  

It appeared to be a very big (huge) spider, very scary and threatening.  Next thing I knew the man was telling me to get down from the ladder and get away from it.  I did as he instructed and positioned myself in what appeared to be a chair situated at the top of something similar to a ladder to be safe from this spider thing.  The man was on the floor screaming to get away from it.  Next thing I knew it was up by me, having crawled up on the upper left hand part of the chair of was sitting in.  It was huge.  I brushed it away from me and it fell to the ground only to be joined by gazillions of others just like it.  

They made their way up the basement stairs to the party area and wound up killing everyone off.  Then they moved out of the home and outside.  I remember walking with this man and next thing I knew we were in a kind of city with restaurants and businesses on either side of the street. The man now had his dog with him. As we passed a restaurant on the left hand side of the street, we saw these gazillion spiders making their way down the street.  But it appeared they disappeared when in the sun.  In the shade they came back out.

Then we went into a store on the right hand side of the street and the man was frantically trying to get the owner’s attention.  He finally got the owner to open up and told me to wait in the lobby with his dog.  His dog wound up going into another room area before the door shut and I couldn’t get him to come back out.  The dog was pawing at something on the floor and under a cabinet of sorts.  Next thing I knew he came out and went right outside, passing me without any acknowledgement of me being there.  I followed him out and saw him go down just past the store we were in.  

I went back in to wait for the man and he finally came out.  We went out of the store together and there was his dog in front of us, pawing at the fence looking completely different, almost as if he had aged 100 years and weak, very weak. He had gone from a beautiful golden retriever coloring to an almost all white coloring.  Then he fell over dead.  

Tears were falling down my face and I remember feeling sadness for this animal. 

We proceeded to move on ahead with our walk through this city, seeing numerous dead bodies all over the place, animals as well.  It tore my heart out and I couldn’t understand it. 

Then I heard a voice telling me that I was protected by God from all this and I heard God say to me, “you are an angel and are protected by God of these things”.  

I saw these gazillion spiders coming towards us and as they closed in on me, I saw them back away from me in a circular radius leaving an area around me clear from them.  They stopped moving and just sat there doing nothing. Then I remember hearing God tell me to spread out my arm and I did as instructed.  

He told me that I have the healing power to bring back to life those animals that were killed.  I went back to the man’s dog and laid my hands on him and he came back to life as beautiful as he was before having been bitten by these spiders.  I saw a few other animals after that and laid hands on them and they also came back to life.  Then they followed me, with their unconditional love, wherever I went.

I have no idea what this dream/vision means.  I couldn’t even begin to try to imagine what this could all mean.  I have to wait on God to explain it further to me.

But I had to get it down in writing before I forgot what took place.

Again, I’m crying thinking about it.  🙂


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